Featured on Shin Min Daily!

Many thanks to Shin Min Daily for interviewing me on my journey as a magician. I shared about how i started out, how i had a goal to make this into a working business, my thoughts on local magic compared to other countries and my hopes for the future. All these are in there, If you know how to read mandarin :)

shin min daily

Many thanks to Shin Min Daily for supporting local talent !

Featured on Vulcan Post!

Thanks Vulcan Post for this amazing article!

Magic is something that i am really passionate about and thankful that i can call it my work as well. Working hard in this craft that i love and hoping that one day i can fully do it justice as an Art Form. The articles covers almost everything about me, from how i started out performing, the business of magic, as well as my thoughts and hopes for magic. Have a read :)

A Professional Magician Since 2009, This 25-Year-Old NTU Grad Now Has His Own International Web Series

Mentioned in the article: JTV, Canvas Club, 555 Villa Thai , Mediacorp LOVE 97.2FM , Nanyang Technological University, Singapore