Hire a world-class trade show magician who can entertain exhibit attendees while delivering your message in a powerful, professional manner.

You’re spending thousands of dollars to create your trade show exhibit so don’t let your budget dollars go to waste. Hundreds or even thousands of people may be passing by your exhibit, but if people aren’t stopping at your booth, why have a booth at all?


Why Hire a Trade Show Magician?

There are many ways to bring people to your booth, but only a trade show magician can attract crowds, deliver your message, and prequalify leads all while generating buzz and excitement.

As a trade show magician, I will perform amazing trade show magic that will stop traffic at your booth. Once I’ve gathered a crowd, I’ll weave your marketing message into my act. When the magic is over, you’ll see people come into your booth who genuinely want to learn more about doing business with your company. Please watch the sample video below and read on for more reasons for you to hire a trade show magician.

As a Trade Show Magician, I can…

  1. Stop traffic at your booth, Generate crowds in and around your booth
  2. Trade show magicians are common in America but rare in Asia, which means that your booth will be unique and different. My magic will stop people at your booth and get them interested in your company.

  3. Educate, Entertain & Inform
  4. My custom scripting will incorporate your products or services into my magic, your company’s message will be incorporated and heard and the benefits of your products and services will be promoted. Booth visitors will learn why they should do business with you your booth will leave a lasting positive impression on the minds of the attendees.

  5. Pre-Qualify Leads
  6. Not everyone who stops by your booth is a potential customer or client. I will spot which are the ones that will generate a lead for you and my magic will separate the quality leads from the rest.

  7. Increase Follow-up Opportunities
  8. After my performance, I’ll send the prospects to your booth staff. They’ll already know about your products and services, so you’ll know that they are truly interested.

  9. Ensure you stand out from all the boring booths
  10. Magic appeals to all ages and backgrounds. With a trade show magician, you don’t need a large booth to have a large presence on the trade show floor. I will be able to create a huge presence on the trade show floor for you.


Why should YOU hire ME?

I have a background in entrepreneurship with experience in marketing and sales – My entire career has been based on marketing and sales, and I will incorporate your sales message into my presentation while keeping people interested and engaged.

Adaptability, Fits Almost Any Booth

Tradeshow magic works equally well in an in-line 10’x10′ booth as it does in a 50’x50′ island exhibit. If you are looking for a larger seated presentation, then “Theatre-Style” with a big illusion is the perfect way to get your message across without subjecting your prospects to the “death by PowerPoint” seen in other exhibits. However, if booth real-estate is a premium, “Aisle-View” tradeshow magic takes-up only 3’x3′ of space, and it easily draws record sized crowds. Whether you have a 10’X 10’ in line booth or a 50’ X 50’ island booth, I can adapt my show to make the biggest impact on your prospects and customers.

Qualified leads

As I go through my presentation, I will ask people questions identifying who they are, so your sales people can immediately follow up with the attendees who are the most qualified to do business with your company.

I speak your customer’s language

Not only do I learn about your products and services, I consult with your team to learn all the jargon and keywords of your specific industry. When I am done with my presentation, your prospective customers will believe I know as much about your company’s messaging as your own sales people.

Dynamic and interactive

I will engage people and interact with them so the attendees become a part of the show. Instead of just watching a presentation they will experience it.

Magic as a hook

The magic I perform is designed to grab people’s attention and draw a crowd. Once I have their attention, I weave your sales message into the presentation. When they remember the magic, they’ll remember your message!


A trade show magician services are well within most budgets. There is not too much extra stuff needed, and no costly booth redesigns. All that is needed is the cost to customise your message and logo into some props that I will be using and giving away to the attendees so that they can leave with something that represents your company.

A collaboration where your company will be the star

In order for all the above benefits to work out, I will be meeting with your team before the trade show and communicating through emails to thoroughly understand what you want to achieve and the core message to bring across to the attendees, as well as understanding the mission and values of your company to be the best representation for you during the exhibition. I will then suggest some tricks and acts to bring across the message and customise the scripting to incorporate your marketing message into my magic.


Your wedding plan is underway and you are faced with a dilemma. What shall I get for entertainment? Your wedding day is by far the biggest party you will ever throw for your friends and family so getting the most astonishing entertainment is ideal. With many years performing at weddings, Ming Da can expertly tailor the performance for the differing age groups. Ming Da has the experience to measure the situation and perform accordingly ensuring that everyone enjoys the show.
Hiring a wedding magician is by far the best form of entertainment you could choose.
How to best use Ming Da at your wedding.
Hiring a wedding magician is a great way of filling the empty gaps in between the key aspects of the day. Whether it is during photos, or waiting for the evening guests to arrive, a magician can offer sustained entertainment throughout the day. Ming Da doesn’t just do an hour set, he can stay for up to 3 hours and perform at various points throughout the day to not only ensure everyone gets to see him but also that there are no empty gaps and your special day runs smoothly.
The most important decision to make when choosing a wedding magician is deciding whether or not this person will get on well with your family and friends. No matter how good the tricks are, if a magician isn’t clicking with your guests then you won’t get the positive mood a pro magician can deliver.
At a wedding expect to see roses produced, amazing demonstrations of magic designed to build a fun atmosphere in the room. As soon as one group sees a performance, they respond with clapping or laughing or gasping, other guests want to know what is going on. Word soon spreads throughout the room and before you know it a wonderful atmosphere of fun and anticipation is created.

Close-up magic is very flexible and can really enhance a wedding celebration. Here are some of the popular options:

The Photos are traditionally taken during the banquet where the bride and groom go around taking photos with each table. Many guests are not involved with the majority of the photos and this is the ideal time for a close-up Magician to perform!

As many of you have experienced before, the evening reception is almost always starting late. While waiting, the guests may get restless and bored. A magician can provide close-up magic for guests as they appear, before the dinner gets into full swing.

Option 3: Special Customised Performance for couple (Stage/ close up)
A wedding is a special day for the couple, what could be a better day to surprise the couple and present them with an unforgettable gift?
Ming Da can bring out this surprise in a magical fusion and customise it in the way that you think the couple will appreciate it best. Here is an example:
A King and a Queen are brought out to represent the groom and the bride, each are torn into two to symbolise they have to die to their selfish self. Half the King and half Queen are then fused together, representing the two coming together as one. Create an impossible everlasting memory for a happy couple.

Strolling Magic

This is great for any kind of cocktail party, hospitality suite, or any social event where a large show isn’t required. Ming Da will make his way through the crowd demonstrating his flawless Sleight of Hand talent and humorous personality for individuals and different groups of people. This is a great ice breaker for any party and really gets people talking and interacting with each other. Break the ice at your next meeting or event with the presence of magic.Ming Da was also the first Singaporean magician to perform close up magic at the prestigious Illusions Magic Bar in Bristol UK, receiving wonderful reviews from the British public. He has also done a performance tour in America, bringing his sleight of hand entertainment to American audiences. Hence you can be assured that your event will be in the right hands and your guests will be thoroughly entertained.Priced per hour with discounts available for multi-hour booking.

Cover Image for Private Party Category

Cover Image for Private Party Category



Ming Da presents a fun, upbeat show that will keep audiences laughing and gasping in amazement. The show is designed for today’s sophisticated corporate audience with takes on classic magic and visual magic. This is the perfect combination of comedy and magic resulting in an intriguing experience like none other. The audience will also be actively involved throughout the entire performance and get to feel like the stars of the show.Having travelled around parts of Europe with his magic and learning from some of the Masters of Magic in Europe, Ming Da’s magic offers a global touch of variety. His one-man show has been showcased in The Casablanca Variété Theatre in Amsterdam with raving reception. Ming Da has also brought his stand up show to America, touring several states including Chicago, New York, Vegas and California, receiving great reviews from the American audiences. He will also share some of the interesting stories and people he has met during his travels on the show.

The theme of your event, innovative ways to carry out lucky draws, prize presentations and introduction of VIPs may also be incorporated into the show under special request.

Need some ideas? Here you go:
– Male a VIP or CEO APPEAR Magically
– Want to see a helicopter appear, but don’t have a big stage? No problem!
– Communicate with Ming Da of the past through a video on a big screen and see predictions happen, your event message being communicated and interactive magic done with the audience
– and many more!

Suitable for medium to large size audiences ranging in size from 20 to 1,000 and above.

Examples of some acts in my stage show (subjected to changes):

Corporate1 AND Slider corporate2

Magic Workshop

Magic is a fun skill to learn and can help to build confidence and breaking the ice between people. MforMagic provides magic workshops and lessons for different age groups.  All our trainers are experienced individuals who are willing to share their knowledge with you. Our workshops are specially catered for the participants to ensure a fun and learning experience. This is a great bonding session for parents and children, corporate team building and schools and universities.

In our magic workshop, you can now learn to perform basic tricks to amaze your family and friends even with the use of common objects such as straws, papers, and rubber bands.

More information on workshop contents coming soon…

magic workshop