A Magic Dinner Show- An Evening of Magic

Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind intimate dinner and show. “An Evening of Magic” is the ultimate entertainment experience weaving rarely seen feats of world-class magic and thoughtful sleight of mind. Enjoy a multi-course meal and with your VIP ticket, as you experience more magic and behold the full experience of a showman. An Evening of Magic is a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy an elegant evening out with your friends and family. You’re in for an entertaining evening of fascinating mysteries.

First Edition of an Evening of Magic collaboration with Cafe Football Singapore. Show is named "Magic After Hours" for the venue.

First Edition of an Evening of Magic collaboration with Cafe Football Singapore. Show is named “Magic After Hours” for the venue.

The show:

Typically, Magic is a demonstration. Especially if it’s on stage or television, it is not an experience for the audience unless they can literally become a part of it.

“An Evening of Magic” is held at a high end restaurant, bringing the magic to the audience, allowing them to emotionally and physically be involved with the magic. Magic is almost never presented in a theatrical setting or a full evening show in Singapore. The power and beauty of a theatrical presentation combined with magic up close and personal will make this a refreshing and magical experience for the guests, one of its kind in Singapore.




“An Evening of Magic” is an evening of personal and intimate magic theatre; it is a fun, interactive and mind blogging show, done in a classy and tasteful way.

This is not a show with top hat and rabbits, this is a show for the sophisticated audience.

By transforming a venue into a close up room, the Intimacy of a close up room provides a personal experience that simply can’t be found in larger venues and one that makes the whole audience a part of the magic.


The show can cater to small groups of 10 people, to bigger groups if 40. For smaller groups, it can be held in a private room, for larger groups a bigger room can be used.

Some sample show highlights:

Please contact Ming Da if you are a venue interested in collaborating for this concept or you would like to book out a show for your event.

Happy Guests for the Show and Performers

Happy Guests for the Show and Performers


Close up Magic at 555 Villa Thai

Ming Da will be at 555 Villa Thai 3 times a week to perform close up magic! So come on down on to enjoy delicious Thai Mookata and be prepared to be entertained and dazzled with some LIVE magic! Dates Below!


November Schedule:

Week 1: 2nd, 4th ( Thurs, Sat)
Week 2: 6th, 8th, 10th (Mon,Wed,Fri)
Week 3: 14th,16th (Tues,Thurs)
Week 4: 19th, 21st, 23rd,25th (Sun, Tues, Thurs, Sat)
Week 5: 27th, 30th (Mon, Thurs)

Ming Da has an external event on dates in italics and another magician will be around.

555 Villa Thai FB page: Click here

555 Villa Thai Address: 30 cosford road (off upper changi north road) S499550