Why do people hate magic?


Imagine this scenario:

‘Hi! I am the magician hired for the event, would you like to see some magic?’

‘a….no thank you, we don’t like magic’


Let me tell you that this is not a made up situation but a very real scenario that many magicians have met with. As a professional magician, i am very aware that magicians are viewed as geeky and nerdy to some people.Everyone has different perceptions of magic. Some people only think of a magician at a kid’s party when you mention a magician, which is far from the truth. Try this out, ask a friend to describe a magician. Often they will describe someone dressed in a top hat, rabbits and doves, or even better- someone in a bright clown-liked costume. And it doesn’t help that there are magicians that still follow and dress this way. I do not want to point out anyone in my local market in particular or say that it is wrong, but personally, it is not the image i want me or my magic to project. I perform for corporate events, weddings and private parties and i definitely do not look like what you would imagine a magician would look like above. And yet when i perform, i still have people saying to me ‘I hate magic’

But here’s the thing:


You see the reason that people say they hate magic is the same reason magic is portrayed in a bad light in the media (Watch the Amazing Burt Wonderstone movie, its hilarious). That reason is us magicians. Don’t get me wrong. There are many magicians who are really good, many that i count as friends. However, there are also many who are still stuck in the old fashion times.

You will be able to spot these performers easily. They are the ones with a magic wand or top hat or bunny on their business card. They are the ones that have little social skills and don’t really speak well and within seconds of performing immediately act like they are better than you. The problem is magic is one of the industries whereby you can get some magic props, within a month print some business cards calling yourself a professional magician. Confession time:been there, done that. Now, this may be the way some of us start out. But a professional magician should definitely grow out of this as he matures in his entertainment career. Having said that, there are many magicians that have been around for years an should have quit years ago.

Whatever people have seen or experienced in person is what they attach to it. Unfortunately, this means that if that experience is bad…most likely it will be what they associate with magic.

Once that idea is cemented, nothing can change their mindset except having a different experience.

Now, this means that i have the chance to make the person fall in love with magic again. To change their perceptions, all i have to do is to perform for them once. After that, not only will they be able to appreciate the magic but most importantly they see my skills in interacting with people, engaging the crowd’s attention, and create a genuine connection between us while having fun and being amazed at the same time.

So what do I do as a magician to change perceptions?

ASK – Every client has a preconceived notion of my product or service. I must discover what shaped that experience and created that perception. If the client trusts me, they will tell me why that previously negative experience has impacted them to believe what they do now.

ACKNOWLEDGE – People don’t like to have their opinions challenged or ignored. I need to acknowledge their past experience and understand why they have the perception they do. If possible,i will ask deeper questions so that i can get a more complete understanding of their perceptions.

ASSIST – Help them see the future. A show reel is helpful in doing this. I will try to ask them to describe the ideal scenario that they wish when engaging my services because they cannot see what i do. Other than watching a show reel, it is important that they see a new picture and get a new understanding of what’s possible. I will assist them in imagining things the way they have never imagined them before.

This in its essence is a sales-process. By doing these with patience, providing helpful information along the way, i hope that the client will make the leap of faith for my services and be able to change the perception they have for magic.

As a professional entertainer, my goal when i perform is to make sure they are left with a good impression of both me and magic in a whole. As a full-time business owner, I take pride in communicating to my clients exactly what they should expect and change any negative perceptions they might have about magic.


If you think magic is terrible there is a very good chance you might be wrong and i would like to help you change that perception. And if you are booking a magician for your event make sure you book a magician that is going create a memorable experience for your guests for the right reasons. Drop me a mail or give me a call here and i will be glad to assist you.


Magically yours,
Ming Da