SG50 Magic Tribute video :)

This is my tribute magic video to celebrate Singapore’s Jubilee year (‪#‎SG50‬). Its not the shortest of my videos but it has been in the plans for quite a while- from coming up with the idea to the script and designing the cards and filming the video about 4 months.
It is also the toughest video i have done so far especially because it has to be done in one take and i almost got stuck in this take too :p , but its just real and i decided to keep the take. Need to thank Chua Sheng Chuan, ChongWu Koh and Han Jie Koh for coming alongside to help me with this project as well, many thanks!
Hope you guys will look beyond just the magic and methods, enjoy it and if you could like and share i will be very thankful!!

This is my first attempt on doing a concept video and with storytelling. Very thankful for all the likes, shares, comments and feedbacks, both negative and positive.

Things to improve:
– SHORTER (aim for 3mins and below next time)
-Camera angles and editing, with a professional crew, hopefully it will be better this time.
– Hand Movement and Choreography. Definitely
– Sleights and moves could be better hidden

After this video was released, i have also been contacted by multiple parties to do further videos. I can’t disclose all now, but 2 will be still revolving around SG50, one sponsor offered to do the video production and editing post production work for free! And another is a possible series. And the last one is a possible street magic video with some local celebrities :) Exciting times ahead!!

Thank you to SG50 and All Singapore Stuff Facebook page for sharing my video and Minister Tan Chuan Jin for complimenting my effort as well! And of course all of you who have helped me liked and shared the video :)

And also i got interviewed by The New paper about my video, check out the article below:




Source link: The Newpaper Interview Article

Magically yours,
Ming Da