Your wedding plan is underway and you are faced with a dilemma. What shall I get for entertainment? Your wedding day is by far the biggest party you will ever throw for your friends and family so getting the most astonishing entertainment is ideal. With many years performing at weddings, Ming Da can expertly tailor the performance for the differing age groups. Ming Da has the experience to measure the situation and perform accordingly ensuring that everyone enjoys the show.
Hiring a wedding magician is by far the best form of entertainment you could choose.


How to best use Ming Da at your wedding.


Hiring a wedding magician is a great way of filling the empty gaps in between the key aspects of the day. Whether it is during photos, or waiting for the evening guests to arrive, a magician can offer sustained entertainment throughout the day. Ming Da doesn’t just do an hour set, he can stay for up to 3 hours and perform at various points throughout the day to not only ensure everyone gets to see him but also that there are no empty gaps and your special day runs smoothly.
The most important decision to make when choosing a wedding magician is deciding whether or not this person will get on well with your family and friends. No matter how good the tricks are, if a magician isn’t clicking with your guests then you won’t get the positive mood a pro magician can deliver.
At a wedding expect to see roses produced, amazing demonstrations of magic designed to build a fun atmosphere in the room. As soon as one group sees a performance, they respond with clapping or laughing or gasping, other guests want to know what is going on. Word soon spreads throughout the room and before you know it a wonderful atmosphere of fun and anticipation is created.




Close-up magic is very flexible and can really enhance a wedding celebration. Here are some of the popular options:


The Photos are traditionally taken during the banquet where the bride and groom go around taking photos with each table. Many guests are not involved with the majority of the photos and this is the ideal time for a close-up Magician to perform!


As many of you have experienced before, the evening reception is almost always starting late. While waiting, the guests may get restless and bored. A magician can provide close-up magic for guests as they appear, before the dinner gets into full swing.

OPTION 3: Special Customised Performance for couple (Stage/ close up)

A wedding is a special day for the couple, what could be a better day to surprise the couple and present them with an unforgettable gift?
Ming Da can bring out this surprise in a magical fusion and customise it in the way that you think the couple will appreciate it best. Here is an example:
A King and a Queen are brought out to represent the groom and the bride, each are torn into two to symbolise they have to die to their selfish self. Half the King and half Queen are then fused together, representing the two coming together as one. Create an impossible everlasting memory for a happy couple.

Video coming soon!

This is just an example, if you would like other types of special items or performances, feel free to contact Ming Da to discuss about it.


“Ming Da is a professional magician who wows audiences with his intricate and awe-inspiring performances. We engaged him for our wedding celebration in 2017 and throughout the planning process he has been patient and helpful, to the extend of injecting personalised performances to involve our family members. We had received positive feedback from our guests about Ming Da. We highly recommend his services to bring your event to another level.”
– Alison, 7/1/2017