Customized Magic

How do you make your brand memorable for your target audience? How do you present your key messages in a way that is unique and interesting? What is the best way to launch your product?
We at MforMagic believe in adding that special touch of magic to help you bring your brand to the next level. Customisation is more than having your logo onto our props we will strive to know your product well and its key features and then come up with an act and performance that will bring these out using magic.
Magic can create a lasting impression of your brand and product if it is seamlessly used in the presentation. The process of customization involves getting information from your company about the objective of the presentation and understanding your company’s mission and values, thereby scripting a strong message that is coherent and memorable to your audiences and working out the type of magic effects that can bring out these key messages. These processes are handled by Ming Da and he will be working closely with your team to ensure the most favourable results.


Product and brand placement on videos


Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube are the in thing now and for the future. And what could a better way for your brand and product to be spread and shared virally than by doing a video to introduce it. But doing a video that just introduces the features is so conventional and boring, just like a normal TV advertisement. Having a magic element in the video increases the novelty of the video and gives a boost to the “like” and “share” factor of the video. From scripting, to exactly what magic effect to incorporate with your brand and product, Ming Da can find refreshing way to bring out your message in an effective and magical way.
Ming Da has done many interesting creative videos with magic that you can see here:

An example of a successful customized video:

Ming Da also has contacts with influencers and media personnel which can help share the video to the masses.
Contact Ming Da to know more about how you can collaborate to create a magic video with your brand or product!