A Magic Dinner Show- An Evening of Magic

Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind intimate dinner and show. “An Evening of Magic” is the ultimate entertainment experience weaving rarely seen feats of world-class magic and thoughtful sleight of mind. Enjoy a multi-course meal and with your VIP ticket, as you experience more magic and behold the full experience of a showman. An Evening of Magic is a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy an elegant evening out with your friends and family. You’re in for an entertaining evening of fascinating mysteries.

First Edition of an Evening of Magic collaboration with Cafe Football Singapore. Show is named "Magic After Hours" for the venue.

First Edition of an Evening of Magic collaboration with Cafe Football Singapore. Show is named “Magic After Hours” for the venue.

The show:

Typically, Magic is a demonstration. Especially if it’s on stage or television, it is not an experience for the audience unless they can literally become a part of it.

“An Evening of Magic” is held at a high end restaurant, bringing the magic to the audience, allowing them to emotionally and physically be involved with the magic. Magic is almost never presented in a theatrical setting or a full evening show in Singapore. The power and beauty of a theatrical presentation combined with magic up close and personal will make this a refreshing and magical experience for the guests, one of its kind in Singapore.




“An Evening of Magic” is an evening of personal and intimate magic theatre; it is a fun, interactive and mind blogging show, done in a classy and tasteful way.

This is not a show with top hat and rabbits, this is a show for the sophisticated audience.

By transforming a venue into a close up room, the Intimacy of a close up room provides a personal experience that simply can’t be found in larger venues and one that makes the whole audience a part of the magic.


The show can cater to small groups of 10 people, to bigger groups if 40. For smaller groups, it can be held in a private room, for larger groups a bigger room can be used.

Some sample show highlights:

Please contact Ming Da if you are a venue interested in collaborating for this concept or you would like to book out a show for your event.

Happy Guests for the Show and Performers

Happy Guests for the Show and Performers


How a magician can help you have a unforgettable Business conference or Dinner and Dance


Magic creates Awe and Wonder.

Whether you are looking for a funny show for a lighthearted business lunch or mysterious mind boggling demonstrations for a suspense-filled gala dinner, teaming up with a magician (or illusionist) for your company occasion will be one of the most unique acts in your celebration. Magicians are able to cater to big groups as well as small teams and not only attract but retain their attention. What you need to know is which kind of magic that satisfies your event style.

Should i hire a magician?

Many people have the cliche and stereotypical image of a magician in a top hat and funny costume (This will be another blog topic :) ), but please do not think so. In fact, a good and modern magician will be well dressed for the occasion and present magic that is both current and relevant to the modern audience. Some questions to ask before hiring a magician are:

Is the magic show unique?

Business conference and DnDs tend to look more or less the same and sometimes repetitive. While the same type of entertainment like dances and singers/bands may be able to produce a positive environment, it will certainly not be the core of an awesome conference. Magic appeals to people of all age groups and you will hear the gasps of astonishment and laughter of joy throughout the whole show. Although i can’t vouch for every magician, this combination of wonder and delight is found in my stage show for conferences and Dinner and Dances. And what if you already had a magic show last year? No two magic shows are the same, each magician has a unique way of performing and presenting the magic even if some of the illusions may be similar. Even for my repeat customers, i am always aware of audiences who may have seen me perform previously and to add new elements in the show. When choosing a magician, look at the show-reel and the manner the magician presents himself/herself on stage, and past experiences and decide which is the best fit for you.


Is the magician’s show interactive?

It is difficult to find another form of entertainment that will involve real communication and interaction between the entertainer as well as guests. Magic involves the magician and audience to build a rapport and for both to participate in it. Magic relays on bouncing off the energy of the audience to create a higher level of energy in the room especially after a long day of conferences and keynote speakers. In my show, there are pieces by which i play a game with the audience while i am on stage and everyone can participate along, this helps to bring up the energy of the room and build a rapport with the audience. There are other pieces that involve asking audience helpers up on stage to help me out and these are usually the highlights of the show. And it is because of this element of audience participation that every show is different.


Magic is perfect for employees and CEOs

Sometimes, the CEO of the company like to be introduced in a special and flamboyant way. A magician is able to customize an illusion and make the CEO appear on stage and WOW his employees. It is a proud moment for anyone i have to say :) From my experience, employees enjoy watching their colleagues on stage interacting with the magician and helping out on stage, cheering them on while they are on stage. Of course extra care has to be taken by the magician not to embarrass or offend the colleague or audience in any way. I am happy to say that my magic shows are clean, filled with comedy, interaction and wonder and no one has been offended or embarrassed. Also, no one is forced to participating in the show.

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With so much said… How do i know which magician to hire?

Do ample research. Look at the profile of the magician and past experiences to ensure they are experienced in performing. Look at his show-reels and the manner he presents himself, and decide which is the best fit for you.

Of course, if price and budget is a big issue for you, you can always go to one of those directory websites where they have magicians ranging in prices from $100 to higher ones. But do remember when it comes to high-quality entertainment – you get what you pay for.

Of course at this time, i will have to shamelessly yet confidently recommend myself for your event because… it’s the right choice 😉

Magically yours,
Ming Da