The Grandmaster Asia TV show in Indonesia

Hi all!

I was in Jakarta , Indonesia, last week recording a TV Show called ” The GrandMaster Asia” that will air on Indonesia SCTV on 1st December.

This is my first time performing on such a LARGE TV magic Show production and it definitely was an eye opener, nothing like what i see locally. The calibre of performers and acts were just mindblowing and i got to be honest, i was not ready for it. Look at the stage!




The performers came from different parts of Asia: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand. Many were multi-award winning magicians internationally, and to watch their acts in action was simply amazing. So how did i do? Honestly, i was very nervous when i was on stage and when saw the judges. I would say that my first 2 performances were not up to my standard but i found my confidence and direction slowly after.

This made me wish we had more shows like these in Singapore to allow local artists to be able to get on a big stage and perform to gain experience that would be valuable when we go to a bigger international stage.



Had a great time with these bunch of great magicians! i learnt so much from each one of them and the judges.

I will be back next week! Really grateful for the opportunity and the friendship made during this time, can’t wait to see them again :)

Stay tuned for more news!

Magically yours,
Ming Da

End of the trip… start of a new journey

So i am sitting here at my desk in my hotel, and tomorrow i have an early long flight to catch back home to Singapore. Have some time to do some reflections before getting down to packing up.

How can i describe this trip? Magical. Unbelievable.

I still can remember having this plan in my mind last year:

    I want to perform in America.

That was it. I am not the best, i am not famous, i don’t have the most original creations, or the best new moves. But i knew there was only one me, and i believed that was enough.

I didn’t tell many people, especially local magicians, because i was afraid to be judged. I was scared to be said to be “thinking too highly of himself” But i took the leap of faith. I listened to the small still voice in my heart.I researched, looked for places that i wanted to perform and emailed the places. Some were open, some were not. Of course i do not blame them. “Who’s this guy? A guy nobody knows, wanting to performing in the great America, how can we trust that hes good enough?” They didn’t say that of course, but i knew that was what they were thinking.

But some were open, some gave me their faith, and i think i did not disappoint them. Looking back at the trip and places i have performed…how unreal is this! I have met people i have only heard of, seen on magic tapes, seen their name only in a magic book…Legends from a far away land. And fast forward to now, i have met some, talked to some, sat on the same table to session, and even performed with some! And many who i can really now say are my friends. How crazy is this.

Here are some photos from Vegas where i performed at The Wonderground Cabaret:





California Magic Dinner Show, where the show was sold out!




The Bay Area Dinner Show:

And finally Magic Monday LA:




It has been an incredible journey, nothing short of amazing. I am leaving this place with ideas to work on, acts to practise and showcase one day, new goals to be achieved in the future, new business ideas to start when i am back home and most importantly memories that will last me a lifetime, friendship in magic that makes this craft and passion and hopefully art that i pursue so much worth it.

This is the end of the trip, but a start of a even greater journey i’m going to take. America, i will be back, wait for me.

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Updates from America!

Greetings from America!

Decided to post some updates as i am at the halfway point of my “tour”, turns out this is going to be a long post :)

America has been awesome so far, I have completed shows in Chicago, New York and New Mexico and currently in Las Vegas awaiting my next performance.

First show always takes some nerves and i felt a bit of that on my first at the Magic Chicago Show, but all was good and it was an honour performing alongside Bill Cook and George A. Bradley.Managed to watch a great show “Cerebral Sorcery” by Francis Menotti and David london which set me off thinking of many ideas as well.


The highlight in Chicago was being able to perform at the Chicago Magic Lounge, which was originally not part of the plan! I was just there to check out the place. And WOW,the exquisite, magical venue just breathes magic. If there is a place that is competing with magic castle to be the mecca of magic, this is it. I was asked to do a short bar set on the Thursday that i was visiting and the response was so well that the owner asked me back on Saturday to work the tables! There was so much magic history in Chicago that i learnt about in those few days, i wish i had more time! Going from a visitor to performing at the bar and doing the tables today, and hanging out with the guys at the backroom for an old style Chicago magic session, Chicago was a great experience.

Here are some photos from the lounge:

Sing Ming Da Magic-3

Sing Ming Da Magic-6

Sing Ming Da Magic-8

Sing Ming Da Magic-11

Sing Ming Da Magic-12

Part of my bar set:

New York was interesting, the city of business and happenings. I performed on the Monday Night Magic Show as a special guest alongside an extraordinary cast including Peter Samuelson, Alex Boyce and Todd Robbins who was the host for the night. Performing in theatres has taught me a lot in terms of staging and technicalities of theatre , as we do not have many theatres back home that we can easily have regular magic shows, as of course watching the other magicians take the stage with their acts. I only had a couple of days in New York, so i mainly visited Times Square and The Statue of Liberty, and Tannen’s magic shop! Tannen’s is one of the best magic shops around, i managed to catch up with Magick Baley and hang around the shop to soak in the New York Magic Scene. I also managed to watch one of the deepest and most mind-blowing magic show i have seen. “In and of Itself” by Derek Delgaudio. In fact, it is so much more than a magic show. All i can is, if you get a chance to be in a city where the show is on, do not hesitate, GO FOR IT.

Here are some photos from New York:




I only had 4 days in New York and flew down to New Mexico, Albuquerque.

My host at Albuquerque was Max Krause, he is a creator in magic and i managed to see many of his creations in action. Max owns a magic shop and theatre of his own and i performed 2 close up shows and 2 stage shows over my weekend there. Albuquerque is a small city but a beautiful one. The shows we had were intimate and a really fun crowd.

Some photos of the shop:



And many thanks to Max for the hospitality!

And right now, i am looking forward to the rest of the trip and adventure!

Till next time, magically yours,
Ming Da


Hi there all you lovely people!

Time flies and almost a quarter of the year is going to be over. It has been a busy few months since the start of the year and i had not have the time to sit down to write. So, here is a quick update of what i have been up to.

So what have i been busy with? Firstly, it will be shows. Have been really busy and will be so up till the end of next week. One of the fun shows was performing for a wedding in Krabi, Thailand! Look at photo of the beautiful scenery below (Just one of the many!):


Other than bring busy with shows, i have been busy with a few projects as well, here it goes! I am really excited for a few things that will be unfolding in the next few months:

1) I will be performing weekly regular magic at 3 more new restaurant venues! Will be bringing a magical experience to these new venues :)

2) MAY-hem America Performance tour! I will be performing in various cities in America in the month of May, more details coming soon!

3) A brand new formal close up show, this will be a public ticketed event! Currently in the process of finding a venue and finalising the show.

Thats all for now, will be posting more updates on each of the 3 points above as the time draws nearer. Meanwhile, here is a short magic trick for you:

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Reflections on Europe

Hi everybody!

Alas, the time for me to return home is near.

The Amsterdam Magic Show was a huge success with the tickets selling out before the day and standing tickets were even sold. I was honored to be on the line-up with fellow dutch and international magicians: Aljaž Šon, Arthur Gerards, Quintus De Paarse Goochelaar, Alex Blackwood, Timon Krause, Fritz Alkemade, Ryan Millar. We had such a fun international crowd (Saudia Arabia, Norway) and because we streamed the show live, people from South Africa and Czech Republic could see the show as well! My part of the show went very well and i had people coming up to me to shake my hand and tell me they enjoyed mine the most. Happy and humbled at the same time, very thankful for this opportunity.

Here are some photos from the show:



The last of my performances happened at the Illusions Magic Bar in Bristol and what an experience it was. Illusions is like a cross between a club and bar. It has a corner for bands and a DJ where music is blasted out for the guests to listen and a mini dance-floor in front of it.

At another corner is the elevated platform stage for the the close up magic show. It is custom-made from an actual poker table and it is a beauty!

Illusions Bar Table: Every close up magician’s dream table
illusions bar5

Illusions Bar House Rules:

Performing at Illusions has been a big learning experience for me as a performer. Over the 3 days, i had to impress skeptics, deal with drunk and rowdy people, and learn how to work to get tips. One of the experiences was quite funny: I remember a guy who brought his wife up to watch my show and the wife was obviously not interested and did not bother to keep it in as well. Throughout the first 2 tricks that i did, she refused to be cooperative and was complaining to her husband that he dragged her up for the show. I knew i had to do something and i said: ‘ Look, the rest of the people here are here to enjoy the show, if you do not want to watch, no one is forcing you and you can leave anytime.’ She was stunned for a moment and kept quiet. It was then that i did my favorite trick with a lime and she was amazed and smiled and clapped. I have to say: That was a satisfying experience :)

illusions bar2


As Singapore does not have a tipping culture, it was also my first time doing banter and trying to get tips. And i absolutely love it. I shall not say how much i got for tips but let’s just say that i could eat comfortably for the 3 days just from the tips that i earned on the table, excluding my fee. Many people came to me after my sets and told me they really enjoyed and were impressed by my show. There were also regulars at the bar that told me they have been there before and my show was the best they have seen there. All these coming from the English public means a lot to me. I remember one group that was screaming to the bar manager: ‘ What is Ming doing here at Illusions?! HE should be at f—ing Las Vegas!’

There were also people who asked about my performance fee for overseas shows and were interested in booking me…so if things go on well: I will be back sooner than i thought! :) Thanks to Mark Bennett, owner and creator of Illusions Magic Bar for arranging everything!

Being the first Singaporean magician to perform at Illusions, i have my own picture frame that will be up on the bar wall too!

Testimonial from Mark Bennett, owner and creator of Illusions Magic Bar:

“Hi Ming, Just wanted to say thanks and what a privilege to have you tread our boards at Illusions Magic Bar, many famous magicians have worked here from Paul Daniels to Paul Zenon and John Archer and I can say for someone who has never experienced a bar like this you took to it like a duck to water. especially the TIPS!!! I’m glad you enjoyed your experience with us and we hope to see you again soon.”

During my time in the UK and Europe, i also had the privilege to work with and watch many other magicians and make some friends. i have seen so many different kinds of magic: wonderful storytelling magic, silent acts on stage, stand up magic, great visual creations just for eye candy, bar magic done right. I have also learnt a lot from the magicians that i have talked to and spent time with. And all these add to my overall experience as a performer and gives me a broader perspective. Many thanks to everybody that i met and made me feel welcome and given me opportunities over here!

And big thanks to Brendan Rodrigues, The Magician of the year 2016 at The British Magic Circle, for sending me this:

I will be back 😉

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Greetings from Europe!

Greetings everybody!

I am currently in London but i decided to give you guys a short update of what i have been up to :)

My show at Casablanca Variete went really well, it was a close and intimate experience of magic for the guests that attended my show at the small theater. The restaurant and theater has a vintage circus theme, it is one of the most unique restaurants in Amsterdam, check it out if you are there! After the show, i was invited by some of the guests to a nearby bar where we hung around for awhile as well. Here are some captured moments during the show:






The trailer video will be out soon!

During my time in Amsterdam, i also did close up magic at the Edelwise monthly festival. Edelwise is a nightlife venue which organises monthly themed parties and also festivals.







I have also been invited to perform on the 5th of July at the Premiere of the Amsterdam Magic Show, will be flying from London to Amsterdam for a short while and be right back. Its going to be an amazing show with an amazing line up! Looking forward to it!

amsterdam magic show

Performing in Europe has been a wonderful experience so far, and i will be posting a reflection on my tour when i am back in Singapore, so stay tuned!

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Europe performances and updates

Hi all!

A quick update for the months ahead :)

I will be leaving for Europe from 17th June to 20th July for some performances and a short ‘magic trip’. I will be performing at the Casablanca Variété in Amsterdam in June and performing at the Illusions Magic Bar for 3 nights in July!

Casablanca Variété is the only circus cafe in Europe, where all European circus people meet. It has a small theater where i will be performing my cabaret one-man show in june. This will be my first performance stop in Europe! Check out the poster below:


You can visit their website here (In Dutch): Casablanca Variété

I will also be performing at The famous Illusions Magic Bar in Bristol, UK, in july! I have heard of The illusions magic bar for a long time and it is an honor to be able to perform 3 nights at the bar,

illusions bar bristol promo poster

Check out their website here: Illusions Magic Bar
To promote my show in Bristol, i will also be appearing on air on BBC Radio Bristol to do an interview and performance segment. I am honored and excited for these opportunities and for being the first Singaporean to perform at these places, and hope to do Singapore proud!

During this period of time, i will not be contactable through my phone, but i will still be able to access to my email, so feel free to email me for any inquiries. For any shows and bookings during the period of time that i am away, i will still have colleagues that will be able to take them up, so feel free to contact us through email.

While i am overseas, i will be planning and awaiting news for a big upcoming project as well. This will be very exciting, so stay tuned! 😉

Meanwhile please watch and share the 2nd ep of Black MAgic on JTV here:

Thank you!

Magically yours,
Ming Da