The Grandmaster Asia TV show in Indonesia

Hi all!

I was in Jakarta , Indonesia, last week recording a TV Show called ” The GrandMaster Asia” that will air on Indonesia SCTV on 1st December.

This is my first time performing on such a LARGE TV magic Show production and it definitely was an eye opener, nothing like what i see locally. The calibre of performers and acts were just mindblowing and i got to be honest, i was not ready for it. Look at the stage!




The performers came from different parts of Asia: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand. Many were multi-award winning magicians internationally, and to watch their acts in action was simply amazing. So how did i do? Honestly, i was very nervous when i was on stage and when saw the judges. I would say that my first 2 performances were not up to my standard but i found my confidence and direction slowly after.

This made me wish we had more shows like these in Singapore to allow local artists to be able to get on a big stage and perform to gain experience that would be valuable when we go to a bigger international stage.



Had a great time with these bunch of great magicians! i learnt so much from each one of them and the judges.

I will be back next week! Really grateful for the opportunity and the friendship made during this time, can’t wait to see them again :)

Stay tuned for more news!

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Magic dinner Show and other updates

Hi Everyone!

As Eugene Burger once said ” Close up magic is a form without a venue”, referring to a lack of venues (other than cocktail receptions and restaurants table hopping, maybe parties) for the full charm and artistry of formal close up magic to be experienced by the audience. And today i made one up.

As one growing up watching L and L magic tapes and watching performances at the magic castle from a faraway land, it always made me envious of the idea of a close up show, which is almost hardly seen here. Performing in America opened my eyes to the world of dinner theatres and i decided to bring this back to Singapore.

First Edition of an Evening of Magic collaboration with Cafe Football Singapore. Show is named "Magic After Hours" for the venue.

First Edition of an Evening of Magic collaboration with Cafe Football Singapore. Show is named “Magic After Hours” for the venue.


In September, we did it. A three course dinner and full evening entertainment, we had a sell out show on the 6th of September ,other than 2 that had last minute things that came up. And everyone loved the show and are asking when is the next show.


Many thanks to Cafe Football Singapore for the support and help, Shushannah Lee Derrick Goh for helping with the organising and Simon Tan for always having faith in my magic. And Nigel Lew and Dylan Tay for being part of it :)
I dreamt of a big dream on a small stage, and the dream came true.

We will be having the next show on 11th Oct, and seats can be reserved here:
Magic After Hours

Some other updates:

October will be really busy, preparing for a Halloween show at the end of the month. Tomorrow i will be doing some filming with LOVE 97.2 Radio for their facebook content again :)

The busy end of the year season is here! Looking forward to what lies in front!

Till next time..

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Performance clips and photos from America!

Hi all!

Photos and videos of my performances from America are here! Here you go!

Las Vegas, The Wonderground:

Magic Monday LA:

Looking at these videos brings back memories…missing the time there!

And some photos from Vegas:








Look forward to being back in America again in the future :)

Magically yours,
Ming Da

End of the trip… start of a new journey

So i am sitting here at my desk in my hotel, and tomorrow i have an early long flight to catch back home to Singapore. Have some time to do some reflections before getting down to packing up.

How can i describe this trip? Magical. Unbelievable.

I still can remember having this plan in my mind last year:

    I want to perform in America.

That was it. I am not the best, i am not famous, i don’t have the most original creations, or the best new moves. But i knew there was only one me, and i believed that was enough.

I didn’t tell many people, especially local magicians, because i was afraid to be judged. I was scared to be said to be “thinking too highly of himself” But i took the leap of faith. I listened to the small still voice in my heart.I researched, looked for places that i wanted to perform and emailed the places. Some were open, some were not. Of course i do not blame them. “Who’s this guy? A guy nobody knows, wanting to performing in the great America, how can we trust that hes good enough?” They didn’t say that of course, but i knew that was what they were thinking.

But some were open, some gave me their faith, and i think i did not disappoint them. Looking back at the trip and places i have performed…how unreal is this! I have met people i have only heard of, seen on magic tapes, seen their name only in a magic book…Legends from a far away land. And fast forward to now, i have met some, talked to some, sat on the same table to session, and even performed with some! And many who i can really now say are my friends. How crazy is this.

Here are some photos from Vegas where i performed at The Wonderground Cabaret:





California Magic Dinner Show, where the show was sold out!




The Bay Area Dinner Show:

And finally Magic Monday LA:




It has been an incredible journey, nothing short of amazing. I am leaving this place with ideas to work on, acts to practise and showcase one day, new goals to be achieved in the future, new business ideas to start when i am back home and most importantly memories that will last me a lifetime, friendship in magic that makes this craft and passion and hopefully art that i pursue so much worth it.

This is the end of the trip, but a start of a even greater journey i’m going to take. America, i will be back, wait for me.

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Ming Da’s Magic MAY-hem America ‘Tour’ !

And here it is, the long awaited news!

Firstly, i would like to say that I am not like a famous magician who can “tour” per say, so i am thankful for all the producers of these shows for having me on their shows! Will be performing 8 shows in Chicago, New York, New Mexico, Vegas, California , and LA! Exciting!

Here is the promo poster for the ‘tour’:


I am extremely excited to share my magic and performance with the American public and also look forward to meeting many magicians and masters that i have only heard of but never met!

Here some links to the different shows and venues:

The Magic Chicago Show– 3rd May
New York Monday Night Magic– 8th May
Max’s Magic Theatre-10th May
Vegas Wonderground– 18th May
California Magic Dinner Theatre– 19th, 20th May
Bay Area Dinner Show– 22nd May
Magic Monday LA– 29th May

If you happen to be around any of the places, please do buy a ticket for the show! And drop me an email to let me know you will be there :)

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Featured on Shin Min Daily!

Many thanks to Shin Min Daily for interviewing me on my journey as a magician. I shared about how i started out, how i had a goal to make this into a working business, my thoughts on local magic compared to other countries and my hopes for the future. All these are in there, If you know how to read mandarin :)

shin min daily

Many thanks to Shin Min Daily for supporting local talent !

Starting from April- Restaurant Magic Triple Threat!

It is official!

Ming Da and his team of magicians will be performing weekly table magic at 3 new venues, starting this April!

Please do come on down to these places and bring your friends to enjoy a time of good food and entertainment!

triple threat_v2




Here are the links and NEW timings for the magic at each venue:
The Bark Cafe, Saturdays 9-11 pm
The Bedok Marketplace, Fridays 7-9 pm
Cafe Football Singapore Cafe Football Singapore Saturdays/Sunday 7-9 pm

November Schedule:
The Bark Cafe:4th,11th,18th,25th
The Bedok Marketplace: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
Cafe Football Singapore: 5th,12th, 19th, 26th

Ming Da has an external event on dates in italics and another magician will be around.

Ming Da will still be performing 3 times a week at 555 Villa Thai, refer to this link for the schedule: 555 Villa Thai Magic Schedule

Good bye 2016, Towards 2017!


Firstly, i really wanted to post something before 2016 ended but i was too busy with 3 shows on the last day. 2016 has been great and my busiest year so far. I can only imagine it getting better and will be working hard towards achieving new goals and milestones.

A big thank you to every direct client, repeat clients and event companies and partners for your support in 2016, more to come in 2017~
Thank you to every feature i got on both online and printed media: Vulcan Post, The New paper, BBC Radio, LOVE 97.2 , JTV

And lastly a special shout out to my regular gigs: Beer Market (Past) , 555 Villa Thai, and The Royal Albatross!

Some things to look forward to in 2017 include putting out a new show (maybe 2!), a possible new online series on another platform, and more international performances. Have received a couple of possible opportunities to go overseas, but nothing cast in stone yet, so we’ll see how it goes!

Here are some photos from my last days of 2016:



Happy New Year! Stay Magical!

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Interview and performance on LOVE 97.2 live radio at Compass one

Hi all!

I had the opportunity to talk about my life as a magician and performed for the DJs and live audience on Love 972 at Compass One this week! It was a fun time and the DJs and crowd was very spontaneous and fun! I did a special magic effect for the DJs in celebration of the station’s birthday and also taught everyone there a simple coin trick.

Here are some photos from the event:






The full interview and performance video:

I had a lot of fun and so did everyone there, hope you will enjoy it as well!

Magically yours,
Ming Da

New Episode of Black Magic on JTV!

Hi everybody,

The brand new episode of Black magic is out on JTV! This time i spent some time performing some street magic in Bristol as well as the StoneHenge, which is BEAUTIFUL!

Do watch and remember to like and share! :)

Currently working on some new ideas and ventures, so stay tuned! And come down to The Beer MArket on Wednesday to enjoy some close up magic! :)

Magically yours,
Ming Da