Updates, The GrandMaster Asia is coming back!

Hi all,

Did not managed to update in January as i was busy with preparations for filming and doing shows.

2018 is going to be awesome! Looking forward to a few projects and goals i have set for myself and hope to fulfil them. In March, my friend Howard Hamburg will be coming to Singapore for the first time to do a lecture. I enjoyed spending time with him in Vegas and the Magic Castle last year and look forward to meeting him again.

As some of you may know already, i have stopped the weekly magic gigs at The Bedok marketplace, Cafe Football and Bark Cafe. But don’t worry! New venue awaiting to be announced soon! :) And working on more public shows to bring to you in the near future :)

Lastly,after much drama and wait, The Grandmaster Asia is coming to SCTV Indonesia on 16th Feb! I will be travelling to Jakarta from 16th to end feb for recording as well 😉

Check out the trailer (I’m not in it though haha):

Till next time,
Ming Da

Magic Muse and ”Black Magic” both a success!

Hi everyone!

Time for some updates again, and once again thank you for keeping track with this blog :)

For those of you who still don’t know, i am working with JTV on a brand new online magic series called ”Black Magic” directed by J team director Shawn Tan and executive produced by Jack Neo! It is a great honor and fun to be part of this new project.

black magic promo

I’m happy to say that the first episode was a blast! I had the cast from the movie ‘Long Long Time Ago’ Charmaine and Jing Jing Ahma, they were both so adorable and were amazed by the feats of magic that i did. I am already looking forward to develop content for the episodes coming up. I will have to up my game with each coming episode- both challenging and fun! Check out some photos:

black magic LLTA
Guests for the 1st episode of ‘Black Magic’ Charmaine and Jing Jing Ahma

rani photo black magic
The very pretty Rani :)

What makes this project more challenging than other magic series is the fact that it is broadcast live. This means that i have to keep track of angles and many other factors that might change during a live magic performance situation and work closely with the director to ensure nothing goes wrong. And you can be assured that there are definitely no camera tricks here :)

For those of you who missed the Live broadcast, you can watch the replay here: Black Magic Episode 1

In other news, the first show of Magic Muse at Canvas Singapore was a success! This was my first ticketed public show and i am glad to share the stage with Shawn Chua and The Sensational Stefano, and Shaun T from 91.3 fm who hosted the night. It was a fun night of laughter and magic as promised and many of the guests feed-backed that they enjoyed the night, so we are all glad to hear that!

Here are some photos from the night:

magic muse photo

magic muse sly

The 2nd show of Magic Muse will be on the 10th of May, if you did not make it for the first show, do come down for this one as it may be the final one till further notice :) Don’t wait to get the tickets, take advantage of the early bird price now!

magic muse 10th may

The second show will not be entirely the same as the first, and we will be tightening up certain details and feedback from the first show. In short- it will be better! :)

Here are the details on the facebook event page: Magic Muse 10th May Facebook Event PAge

Get your tickets here: Magic Muse 10th May Tickets

That is all for now! Look out for more updates the next time!

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Public events this friday!

Hi Awesome people,

Firstly, i am extremely thankful to everyone visits this blog. I don’t think many people are aware of it so if you are reading this i would like to sincerely thank you.

I am very excited because i will be back at Tolidos this friday! (insert cheers!)

I will be opening the night for Shaun Tupaz and Scarlet Avenue! So come down and join us for a fun night of magic, laughs and good music! Show starts at 8pm :)

Scarlet Avenue

And following up at 1030-1230pm on friday i will be entertaining the guests at the door at The Alibi!


Appealing to the more discerning late night Singapore crowd, The Alibi features 4,000 square feet of ostentatious design, spread over two floors, and a regular VIP guest list that reads like the who’s who of creative talent in Asia, described behind closed doors as both the influential and “formidable”. Setting the standard for elegance and style with an unrivalled nightlife experience and regularly playing host to some of the world’s most glamorous people.

This is Singapore’s newest and hottest VIP club and i am excited to be part of the night’s entertainment at the door before the guests enter the club, its going to be amazing!

If you would like to be part of this exclusive club experience, go here to get on the list: The Alibi

So if you are heading down to any of these event venues, see you there!

Magically yours,
Ming Da