Performance clips and photos from America!

Hi all!

Photos and videos of my performances from America are here! Here you go!

Las Vegas, The Wonderground:

Magic Monday LA:

Looking at these videos brings back memories…missing the time there!

And some photos from Vegas:








Look forward to being back in America again in the future :)

Magically yours,
Ming Da

End of the trip… start of a new journey

So i am sitting here at my desk in my hotel, and tomorrow i have an early long flight to catch back home to Singapore. Have some time to do some reflections before getting down to packing up.

How can i describe this trip? Magical. Unbelievable.

I still can remember having this plan in my mind last year:

    I want to perform in America.

That was it. I am not the best, i am not famous, i don’t have the most original creations, or the best new moves. But i knew there was only one me, and i believed that was enough.

I didn’t tell many people, especially local magicians, because i was afraid to be judged. I was scared to be said to be “thinking too highly of himself” But i took the leap of faith. I listened to the small still voice in my heart.I researched, looked for places that i wanted to perform and emailed the places. Some were open, some were not. Of course i do not blame them. “Who’s this guy? A guy nobody knows, wanting to performing in the great America, how can we trust that hes good enough?” They didn’t say that of course, but i knew that was what they were thinking.

But some were open, some gave me their faith, and i think i did not disappoint them. Looking back at the trip and places i have performed…how unreal is this! I have met people i have only heard of, seen on magic tapes, seen their name only in a magic book…Legends from a far away land. And fast forward to now, i have met some, talked to some, sat on the same table to session, and even performed with some! And many who i can really now say are my friends. How crazy is this.

Here are some photos from Vegas where i performed at The Wonderground Cabaret:





California Magic Dinner Show, where the show was sold out!




The Bay Area Dinner Show:

And finally Magic Monday LA:




It has been an incredible journey, nothing short of amazing. I am leaving this place with ideas to work on, acts to practise and showcase one day, new goals to be achieved in the future, new business ideas to start when i am back home and most importantly memories that will last me a lifetime, friendship in magic that makes this craft and passion and hopefully art that i pursue so much worth it.

This is the end of the trip, but a start of a even greater journey i’m going to take. America, i will be back, wait for me.

Magically yours,
Ming Da


Hi there all you lovely people!

Time flies and almost a quarter of the year is going to be over. It has been a busy few months since the start of the year and i had not have the time to sit down to write. So, here is a quick update of what i have been up to.

So what have i been busy with? Firstly, it will be shows. Have been really busy and will be so up till the end of next week. One of the fun shows was performing for a wedding in Krabi, Thailand! Look at photo of the beautiful scenery below (Just one of the many!):


Other than bring busy with shows, i have been busy with a few projects as well, here it goes! I am really excited for a few things that will be unfolding in the next few months:

1) I will be performing weekly regular magic at 3 more new restaurant venues! Will be bringing a magical experience to these new venues :)

2) MAY-hem America Performance tour! I will be performing in various cities in America in the month of May, more details coming soon!

3) A brand new formal close up show, this will be a public ticketed event! Currently in the process of finding a venue and finalising the show.

Thats all for now, will be posting more updates on each of the 3 points above as the time draws nearer. Meanwhile, here is a short magic trick for you:

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Magic Muse at Canvas, and more good news :)


The 2 runs of Magic Muse at Canvas have come to an end and it has been an awesome experience. Thank you to all who turned up for the both nights. It was a humbling feeling seeing the turn out increase significantly from show to show.

I have many people to thank for making all these happen. Firstly, a big thank you to Canvas for believing in the concept and trusting in me with this initiation project, and also providing support both in terms of venue and marketing. Next, thank you to Shawn and Shaun (If you are confused, you haven’t been to the show, booo) for being part of this show, this couldn’t have happened without them. Thank you for all the magicians that came and provided feedback for the show as well. A special shout out to J C Sum for coming down to the 2nd show and providing the valuable feedback. Lastly, to every single audience that made your way down to the show and showing support to local magic.

I’m happy to say that due to the response received from the audience, we have been asked to do another show! This will be a brand new show and we are looking to tighten things up, consolidating all the feedback and putting on a better show. In all honesty, it was not an easy decision to make when i was asked to do another show as i know that the general public is still not used to the idea of paying to watch a magic show. Ticket sales has been something that haunt me during the nights, wondering whether we will be going up on stage with just 2 people in the audience on the actual night. Hopefully, this concept will catch on and we will be having a healthy growing audience base. Do show us your support! More information coming your way :)

Here is the show reel of my show at Magic Muse:

In other news, the 2nd episode of ‘Black Magic’ online magic series on JTV has just been done this week. This was a fun and hilarious episode with Shaun T and Kevryn, you can check the live replay here:Black Magic Episode 2: Flirty Magic

The episode will be out on JTV youtube channel in a few weeks! Stay tuned!

Magically yours,
Ming Da

Magic Muse and ”Black Magic” both a success!

Hi everyone!

Time for some updates again, and once again thank you for keeping track with this blog :)

For those of you who still don’t know, i am working with JTV on a brand new online magic series called ”Black Magic” directed by J team director Shawn Tan and executive produced by Jack Neo! It is a great honor and fun to be part of this new project.

black magic promo

I’m happy to say that the first episode was a blast! I had the cast from the movie ‘Long Long Time Ago’ Charmaine and Jing Jing Ahma, they were both so adorable and were amazed by the feats of magic that i did. I am already looking forward to develop content for the episodes coming up. I will have to up my game with each coming episode- both challenging and fun! Check out some photos:

black magic LLTA
Guests for the 1st episode of ‘Black Magic’ Charmaine and Jing Jing Ahma

rani photo black magic
The very pretty Rani :)

What makes this project more challenging than other magic series is the fact that it is broadcast live. This means that i have to keep track of angles and many other factors that might change during a live magic performance situation and work closely with the director to ensure nothing goes wrong. And you can be assured that there are definitely no camera tricks here :)

For those of you who missed the Live broadcast, you can watch the replay here: Black Magic Episode 1

In other news, the first show of Magic Muse at Canvas Singapore was a success! This was my first ticketed public show and i am glad to share the stage with Shawn Chua and The Sensational Stefano, and Shaun T from 91.3 fm who hosted the night. It was a fun night of laughter and magic as promised and many of the guests feed-backed that they enjoyed the night, so we are all glad to hear that!

Here are some photos from the night:

magic muse photo

magic muse sly

The 2nd show of Magic Muse will be on the 10th of May, if you did not make it for the first show, do come down for this one as it may be the final one till further notice :) Don’t wait to get the tickets, take advantage of the early bird price now!

magic muse 10th may

The second show will not be entirely the same as the first, and we will be tightening up certain details and feedback from the first show. In short- it will be better! :)

Here are the details on the facebook event page: Magic Muse 10th May Facebook Event PAge

Get your tickets here: Magic Muse 10th May Tickets

That is all for now! Look out for more updates the next time!

Magically yours,
Ming Da